Sawitonline integrates Google Street View nationwide! 

Friday, May 16, 2008 


Starting today our premium account users can create listings that allow your potential clients walk the neighborhoods…from the comfort of their own home. 
We are excited to announce that we now have Google Maps Street View technology integrated on all available premium listings throughout the United States. This is an absolutely stunning feature - your users can now stand in front of a house, walk down the street, see what's around the corner without leaving home. This is in addition to the Map, Satellite and Hybrid view that is also now available.
We’ve incorporated Street View onto Sawitonline in over 40 metropolitan areas in the U.S. where it’s available today, and we’ll automatically expand coverage as Google continues to map the world.


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So, let us take you on a simulated NYC condo tour:  

Your neighborhood walk begins at the corner of this NYC building which has the condo that you are interested in - listed on the 25th floor. Great! (Click on the photo to go to an demo listing).

First thing that catches your eyes is that there is a Gift store located in the building itself. A quick spin to the South West shows that there is a PC Richards store there, and continuing around you see that there is an Apple bank across the street. Yes siree, you are definitely in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan! Drag the image down and take a look up, don't get dizzy.

Now, let's take a stroll North East down Irving Street (click on the white arrows along street). At the end of the block and to the right, you notice that there is an NYC sports club, how convenient. Spin diagonally across the street, and you see there is a Parking Garage. If you have a car, this may be useful.

Now have fun and just walk around the block to see what the surrounding neighborhood looks like.

Depending on what you see, this may or may not be the place for your client. But seriously, won't this completely impress the pants off your clients?

This feature is a must have for Real Estate agents, but is available to all users with premium accounts. We'll excited to see what you're going to do with it!

A few important notes:

  • Street View is not available in all US Cities. Here is a current list.

  • Street View location information will come from the location that is entered in the Location section of each listing. Invalid or missing information will cause the maps to display incorrectly.

  • You have the ability to enable or disable the embedded maps view by clicking on the checkbox below Location.

  • Your current listings will not automatically show this feature (if you choose to enable). You will need to ensure that the Show Maps checkbox is enabled, and then Re-publish your listings.

  • This embedded feature will not be present in html postings.

  • This embedded feature is available to premium account users.

With this launch we add another way to make your listings stand out from the crowd, now go get 'em!