Posting to Craigslist is Quick and Easy! Lets go!

Login to your account.

From the User Homepage, you can either create a new listing (Dropdown) or go into My LISTINGS to edit an existing listing.

For this example, we will use the Dropdown and Select Apartment for Rent



Enter as much information as possible in your listings.

Once completed, click the PUBLISH button.



You will then arrive at the PUBLISH SUCCESSFUL screen.

You can now copy the HTML code we provide you and go to to begin posting.



Select the appropriate City or Country for your listing. You can verify the current selected state at the top. In this example, we are posting in New York City.

Select the category you wish to post your listing. For this example, we will choose Apts / Housing.



The next few screens will prompt you for specific location information and possibly if there are any additional fees involved.

You will then arrive to a screen similar to the one shown below. Click on the POST link.



You will arrive at a screen similar to this.

Fill out all requested information, except now in the POSTING DESCRIPTION field, you will PASTE in the HTML code we had provided you early.

It looks kind of weird, but trust us - you're doing just fine.


Now just click CONTINUE, provide any verification if required and await your confirmation email. (Some users with accounts on Craigslist will not need to wait for the confirmation email).

That's it - Your all posted on Craigslist! YAY!


If for some reason you need to repost your listing, you can go directly to your LISTING CONTROL PANEL and click on the Craigslist Icon to obtain your personalized HTML code once again.

Please Note: Listings must be in the PUBLISHED state in order to obtain the personalized HTML code.