Craigslist Activity Report

Your account on has the capabilities of providing you weekly Craigslist reports that will greatly assist in your marketing endeavors.

As a free tool, we strongly recommend that you post on Craiglist to increase your marketing exposure. Also, creating link on other popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is also encouraged. Posting link to these and other manual sites is very simple, as these links are provided to you once you have published a listing on Sawitonline.

We will send you a weekly report on how many visitors have viewed your posting on Craigslist. Don't miss this opportunity. It's Free with all Accounts.

Premium account holders may login to view live data (updated every 30 minutes), historical data as well as views by hour of the day. A Snapshot of how the report looks for Premium account holders. Upgrade now to take advantage of this report.


The Sawitonline Team

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