is an online marketing solution for online advertisers. Our online marketing software services help our customers globally fulfill their most ambitious goals for marketing, sales and lead generation.

Classified ad creation and syndication is's core business. We listen to our clients and with a dedicated team, we turn their requests and our own innovative ideas into the industry's leading all in one marketing solution.

We are renowned for our customer service, high standards, and reliability. Our client relationships are built upon trust, confidence, and performance.

Our goal is to strengthen existing partnerships, create new relationships, and help our clients to capitalize on opportunities for marketing excellence.

Better Business Bureau Approved is delighted to be an Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau As a member of this special program we support and uphold BBB goals of honesty, fairness, and reliability in our business practices. We seek to give our customers the highest degree of confidence in our business and our products by participating in BBB Arbitration, should the need arise. We offer this to our customers as a meaningful way of standing behind our services and demonstrating that we are committed to the BBB Code's of good business practices.

As a member of the BBB we are committed to 4 main principles:

  • Truthful and Accurate Communications

  • Disclosure

  • Solid Information Practices and Commitment to Privacy and Security

  • Customer Satisfaction

Moving Forward's users are continuously providing feedback, helping to keep the momentum going to continually develop and progress a service to best meet their needs. The online environment is continually changing, and this change is met by Sawitonline with adaptation and the steady addition of new features. Sawitonline continues to grow and to help its clients grow.

Sawitonline has a global presence. The company was founded in October, 2006 and is privately held. The company corporate offices are located at:

Harborside Financial Center
2500 Plaza Five
Jersey City,  New Jersey 07311.