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Vinyl Replacement Windows
window-double-hung-tradition-plus-wood-auralast.800x600fThe most common materials for Window Replacement are Vinyl, wood and aluminum. Increasingly versatile Vinyl Replacement Windows and Custom Sliding Doors are becoming the preferred choice for those seeking the absolute best balance between price, strength and Energy Efficiency. Vinyl Replacement Windows need the least amount of care not ever needing to be stained or painted.
Replacement Vinyl Windows and Custom Glass Sliding Doors are constructed with multi chambers increasing their ability to retain heat in your home during the cold winter months and trap cool air during the heat of summer. Besides the advantages of having so many performance enhancing benefits, Replacement Vinyl Windows offer a very clean look and offer a high level of insulation making them appropriate for any climate. A limited lifetime warranty comes with all of our Jeld-Wen Replacement Windows and Glass Sliding Doors.

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows
There are several aspects that contribute to the Energy Efficiency of Replacement Windows. Vinyl Replacement Windows will shrink the amount of heat escaping your home in the winter by providing additional insulation. Low Emissivity Glass or more commonly known as Low-E Glass is glass that has been specially treated to have the ability to reflect all infrared light. This keeps more heat in your home during the cold winters and outdoors in hot summer months. The ability of Low Emissivity (Low-E) Glass to reflect light also helps to defend against the effects it has against your home furnishings. There is no contest with regards to the increased insulation you receive from dual paned glass versus single paned glass. When shopping for Energy Efficient Replacement Windows you want to make sure they have the ENERGY STAR logo on them signifying their qualification as being Energy Efficient under the requirements for Southern California.

Custom Replacement Windows
There are many types and optional features for you to choose from for your Custom Replacement Windows. Choices range from Replacement Windows that are double-hung, single-hung, have a casement or awning that also come in various sizes and shapes such as geometric, radius and combination units. It is recommended that when shopping for the right Replacement Window for your home that consideration be given to the look of the Window and how it fits into your homes style. Additionally, further consideration should also be given to its practical features such as how the Window will open. The experience and expertise of JB Windows will assist you every step of the way when considering your Window Replacement options and in making your selection. You may also want to consider your own personal taste, how functional a particular Replacement Window is and all the different features that are available. For example, there are screens available that remain hidden whenever they are not being used. There are also screens that are finer mesh that allow for better views. Vinyl Replacement Window options include adding grilles between the glass and roll-away screens.

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