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Whitefly Control and Treatment Tips

Whiteflies are small, pure white insects that are usually found feeding on plant juices under the leaves. Sweet Potato Whitefly, Silverleaf Whiteflies and Greenhouse Whitefly are two most common species that you may encounter in Boca Raton, sometimes together, as a part of the same infestation.

What Are Whiteflies?

Whiteflies resemble moths more than they do typical flies and are flutter up whenever they are disturbed. This makes them easy to spot, provided that you check on your plants often. The presence of these insects leaves white scales and a shiny honeydew-like substance on the leaves and harms the plants, calling for immediate Boca Raton Whitefly Control.

The Pests themselves dont usually destroy the plants completely, but its still eventually caused by a black mold that grows on the shiny substance they leave behind. If youve given the infestation this much time to develop, you can expect to see the leaves overcrowded with Whiteflies.

Whitefly Treatment Methods

As part of the most basic South Florida Whitefly Treatment, the honeydew can be rinsed off the plants with soap and water. That should prevent the dark mold from growing if you do it in time.

A more advanced approach involves the introduction of Whiteflys natural predators to fend off the intruders. While it may seem like a bad idea to fill your garden or greenhouse with other bugs during an infestation, its actually extremely effective when it comes to getting rid of these Pests.

You can start with Whitefly parasites that lay eggs inside the developing Whiteflies and hatch out instead of their host. It helps to keep a lid on the populations of Sweet Potato Whitefly and, to a limited extent, Greenhouse Whitefly on your property.

Boca Raton Whitefly predators are even more effective at Whitefly Control, eating up to half a thousand of their eggs per day. Larva usually meet the same fate, especially when those are Silverleaf Whiteflies or Sweet Potato Whiteflies.

Encarsia formosa, green lacewings, songbirds, predatory mites and ladybugs are also useful allies in the war on Boca Raton Whiteflies. Each of them will deal with the eggs and larvae in their own right, but its best to not to let the situation get so far as to require their involvement.

Whitefly Preventive Measures

Attack may be the best form of defense when Pests have overrun your property, but its always better to avoid dealing with them at all. There are several effective ways of preventing Whiteflies from infesting your plants, which greatly lowers the risk of ever having to apply aggressive Boca Raton Whitefly Control methods.

Seaweed spray makes the leaves less desirable for Whiteflies to eat and lay their eggs on. It also carries numerous other benefits for plants to take advantage of. Apply it to your plants in spring and a week before moving them. That should keep the infestation away.
Insect soap sprays have also proved to be a useful method of preventive Boca Raton Whitefly Control. Remember to check if the product youre buying for this purpose works on Whiteflies.
Repellant plants is also a great way of safeguarding your greenhouse, garden or home from Pests, although their efficiency varies from one type of plant to another. BOCA RATON WHITEFLY CONTROL

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