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Rodent infestation can have severe effects on property and on the health of those in the home or workplace. Mice and Rats are the common Rodents that enter homes. When considering Rodent Control, it is important to remember that these Rodents search for warmth, food, and water. These warm blooded mammals are known to gnaw on property and contaminate food sources in the home and workplace. It has been found that they contaminate much more than they consume! These Rodents carry diseases that can be potentially life threatening. They also introduce various types of bacteria and bring in fleas and lice into the home. This article will cover Rodent Control in terms of prevention and intervention.

Rodent Control: Rats

Rats, in particular, are usually running about during the nighttime. If you tend to hear squeaking or climbing noises at night, you are likely hearing a Rat. They often reside in the attic of a home or under the front porch. Sometimes, you can hear them in the walls. They have a pungent smell that is quite noticeable throughout the home or business. They leave quite a few droppings throughout just one day; sometimes upwards of 50 or more. These droppings are usually less than an inch big and are dark in color. You can tell if these droppings are fresh if they look moist.

Rodent Control: Mice

Mice, on the other hand, are visible during the daytime. They have a musky scent that is difficult to ignore. Mice also leave quite a few droppings throughout the day. Rodent control with Mice is particularly hard to avoid because of their soft cartilage make up. They can fit through holes that are as big as a dime! Mice also reproduce quite quickly. A pair of Mice can create 200 Mice in less than six months!

Rodent Control by Sealing Holes

Rodent Control involves prevention. The best way to prevent Rodent infestation is to seal all holes that are unnecessary. Cement works best for sealing these holes permanently. If you are unable to seal a hole, it is a good idea to plug it with steel cloth. If the hole is bigger than 1/4 of an inch, the best route is to seal it before it becomes an entry point. Do not forget to check the garage for holes as well. This is a common way that both types of Rodents to enter the home or place of business. Also, add weather strips to the bottom of the front and back doors of the home or workplace to prevent Mice infestation. After all, they can fit in the smallest of holes!

Rodent Control by Keeping Your Food Safe

Store food in closed containers. Rodent Control is especially imperative when taking food into consideration. Be sure to wash dishes and utensils soon after using them. Leaving food out in the open will attract Rodents such as Rats and Mice. Be aware of how long you are leaving pet food out. Rodents are not opposed to contaminating and eating your pet's food. Seal all bags of opened food and be sure to sweep up any food remains off of all floors and tables. Take out the trash often and close the lid of the trash can after dumping the trash out.

Rodent Control After Infestation

Rodent Control often includes bait. Rodents die approximately 3-10 days after ingesting poison. Place bait near where they nest and near where their entry point has been. Avoid leaving things outside that Rodents can nest in (cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, etc.). Try not to place bait inside the home or business because there is often a smell that accompanies Rodent death and your home or place of business will smell quite awful. Also, Children and pets may access bait if it is placed in the home or workplace and this could have severe consequences. Additionally, if a Rodent dies in the walls of the home or work, there is a noticeable smell throughout the house and place of business. Traps are also common in treating a Rodent problem but often do not work as well as bait does. The best option to ensure Rodent Control is to call in specialists who can make sure that your home or business is not contaminated. At times, evacuation may be necessary until the problem is resolved.

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