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Anyone who has had an Ant infestation in Boca Raton can attest to the fact that they are one of the most annoying insects to get rid of! They seem to appear out of the blue and do not go away easily making Ant Control somewhat difficult. They usually end up in the food and drink supplies of a household or place of business which only further infuriates everyone! Food, often sweet treats, have to be thrown out after an Ant infestation because of the potential contamination. Also, Ants tend to continue to come into the home or business unless certain measures are taken to avoid them. Killing Ants as they keep entering your home and workplace does nothing for the thousands that are just waiting for an entry point! This article will focus on Boca Raton Ant Control with two common types of Ants; the Argentine Ants and the Pharaoh Ants, and how to best avoid and get rid of them should the need arise.

Boca Raton Ant Control: Argentine Ants

Argentine Ants are usually all brown and are found in and around sweet food items. They look quite organized and often travel in straight lines on the hunt for the food in your home or business. They do not bite human beings and, instead, just annoy them to no end. They will often end up in your sodas. The best way to avoid them as you see them in your home or workplace is to drench the area with soap and water. Then, proceed to the entryways of your home or business and use various methods to prevent entry. (Discussed below.) Bait is also a popular way to deal with Boca Raton Ant Control and slow acting poisons often ensure that Ants return back to nesting areas and spread the poison before dying. This can be a great way to make sure an entire colony of Ants die.

Boca Raton Ant Control and Sweets

One way to prevent a Boca Raton Ant Control problem from happening is to make sure that your sweets are covered. Rinse out containers before you throw them away and take out the trash often! Don't let food items sit out. Also, clean up crumbs when you notice them. A small crumb can be a feast for an Ant and Ants rarely travel alone. Keeping your home or business swept up and clean can be one of the best ways to conduct Ant Control. Also, make sure that the garbage cans outside of your home have lids. Ants often infest garbage cans and then make their way into the home or workplace.

Boca Raton Ant Control: Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh Ants are known for their love of sugar. They are light orange and difficult to spot. These are potentially the most difficult to get rid of! They appear almost everywhere, including sterile environments. Boca Raton Ant Control in this case is imperative because these Ants can transmit some very detrimental diseases and, more often than not, they end up in everything in the home or business. Do not use sprays for these Ants as it somehow creates more of a problem by splitting up the colony. Don't wipe up the counter because this gets rid of traces that Ants recognize as their travel paths. Instead, put bait in the areas where you find these Ants and they will take the bait with them to their colonies. Keep the bait out for a long time, several months, because they nest in many areas and each colony needs an Ant to bring the bait back in order for the entire colony to die. If this doesn't work, a great resource for Ant Control is http://www.xterminatorinc.net/. They will come and wipe up everything. They are often a first point of reference for those who want to avoid waiting for these Ants to die. It can become frustrating spotting Ants all over the home or place of work every day!

Boca Raton Ant Control: Some Methods to Try at Home or the Workplace

Adhesive tape is very popular. Take some tape and lay it down near the area where Ants enter the home or place of business and, often, the Ants won't be able to leave the tape and are stuck. Then, proceed to throw the tape out. Chalk is another popular method to try. Draw a line outside of the doorway and any other areas where Ants have been entering. The chalk often has characteristics that are unappealing to Ants. They won't enter. Flour is another popular remedy. Sprinkle flower in the backs of cupboards; Ants usually won't cross over these areas. Also, try vinegar. Spray a mixture of vinegar and water on groups of Ants. They will often be repelled by the scent. If you would like to have Boca Raton Ant Control while out, this is a great solution to take with you to parks, picnics, and barbecues.

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