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Most people are afraid of Fleas and Ticks because they are hard to spot yet can cause lots of problems. Cat Fleas and chicken Fleas are the most common type of Fleas. Ticks in general are dangerous and can spread disease. This article will help you understand how to prevent and treat Fleas and Ticks. Flea and Tick Control can also be found at http://www.xterminatorincpestcontrol.com/

Flea and Tick Control: Cat Fleas

Cat Fleas happen to be the most common type. Don't let the name fool you. This type of Flea can live on many types of animals including dogs. Flea and Tick Control is imperative if you have house pets. Fleas and Ticks are often found on household pets. Fleas and Ticks tend to lay eggs in carpets and curtains. Also, they infest furniture. These Fleas carry tapeworms and can spread disease. Often, they feed on blood and can make young kittens weak and, sometimes, they may cause death. Animals often develop allergies to Fleas and will scratch their skin excessively causing rashes. Also, humans will find Flea bites of this kind around their ankles. After this Flea finds a host, it lives on the host for six months and lays 50 eggs a day! The average lifespan for this Flea is approximately two years.

Flea and Tick Control: Chicken Fleas

Chicken Fleas infest chickens and other birds. They are usually found in chicken coups. They often look like little black dots. If you enter a chicken coup to clean it out, you will likely have a Flea problem on your way out. These types of Fleas can also kill chickens and, at the least, weaken them quite a bit. They bite chickens and humans! Flea and Tick Control is important if there are bird nests around your home. This type of Flea attacks birds and humans who are often susceptible to these Fleas when they enter the home from bird nests around the windows of the home.

Flea and Tick Control: Ticks

Ticks live off of blood supply. They are usually found in larger animals but can also attach themselves to humans. Flea and Tick Control is important in this case because they can often cause Lyme disease. Ticks do not cause pain but can cause infection around the bitten area and often cause flu like symptoms and muscle weakness. Also, headaches are common. It is important to get rid of Ticks right away so that the chances of developing problematic symptoms decrease.

Flea and Tick Control: How to Prevent and Treat Fleas

Keeping your pets indoors is the safest way to avoid Fleas. If your pet goes outside and comes back in often, he/she will likely bring in Fleas. When taking your pet for a walk, keep them on a leash and away from other dogs that may have Fleas. Flea and Tick Control can be taken care of by cleaning rugs often or investing in hardwood flooring. Also, keep the yard outside your home trimmed so that there isn't a consistent moist area for Fleas to thrive in.

To treat Fleas, give your pet a bath with a gentle shampoo. Fleas will not attach to hair so they will likely fall off in the bathtub and drown. Use a Flea comb and comb your pet. You will also want to do this after any treatment your pet receives for Flea Control. Wash your pets sleeping area often and keep the area clean. Flea and Tick Control is done through the wash cycle; it will kill off the eggs and the dry cycle will kill of the Fleas (turn dryer on for 30 minutes or more). Use topical treatments as necessary.

Flea and Tick Control: How to Prevent and Treat Ticks

Ticks are easier to notice on the skin than Fleas are. It is important to wear covered clothing when walking in areas which are known to have many tics. Use insect repellent before going on long walks. Check yourself and the rest of your family and friends (and pets) as you arrive back home. You will usually notice a Tick right away.
To treat Ticks, you want to slowly pry the Tick off of your skin. Use tweezers to grab the Tick as close to its head as possible and pull slowly. Be careful not to break the Tick apart. If the Tick does break apart, see a doctor because other infections can arise. Also, pay attention for any symptoms of Lyme disease. FLEA & TICK CONTROL

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